Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Westby ~ Jersey Valley Park

This is where it all started for me. I was training for the Schmidt Faced 50k and thought maybe I should get off the streets and do some trail running before than. The park was recommended to be by a couple of the fat tire guys. The area has a very active bike club so don't be surprised to see them here. I've yet to see any of them while I've been running but there is always sign of them.

Each loop around the park is about 3.4 miles but can be varied as there are alternate routes to be ran. The trails are mostly double track with a few narrow areas mixed in. The trail has some nice elevation changes, switchbacks and flat fast areas. The park also has a nice beach for after your run.

If you happen to go off course to be surprised to end up at Living Waters Bible Camp. Although they have no problems with you running through their land they ask you check in while doing so.

Jersey Valley County Park is located 3 miles northeast of Westby on County Rd. X. It's 18 miles from Norwalk.

Living Waters Bible Camp

 The elevation shows two laps around the park.

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